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Strawberry Letter: My Cheating Ex-Husband

I was married to my ex- husband, my kids’ father, for 10 years and we had problems, mostly from him cheating and women being disrespectful to my household. Well he had gastric bypass surgery while we were together and low and behold he got a good job making good money with that new look and a lot of trouble. Our relationship suffered. He was leaving our two small kids in the house while I worked at night alone and my oldest daughter would call me at work!

I was so shocked the other night when they told me they remember him leaving them and other women being at my house while I was at work (I had no clue of that). Low and behold he was messing with several woman from the plant he works at. The woman he is about to marry is one of the females he was messing with while we were together! My ex-husband still has several women and the other females also know the kids and spend time with them and buy them expensive gifts. But his fiancée does not have good communication with the kids. They do not like her and my oldest told me she feel like the wedding is going to be a disaster because of all the women her dad has.

My kids told me that his fiancée only said 3 things to them the whole weekend. They are hey, you hungry, and bye (and no she doesn’t have any kids). I been cordial and nice to his fiancée for the past 6 years but my daughter asked me was I going to the wedding and that her father is going to send me an invitation. I told her they can burn it cause I am not going even though my kids are in the wedding. I feel like this woman is getting back what she put me through and he is still laying out all night and cheating still.

I told my ex husband I forgive him. I told him he has two girls and he will not like it when some man comes along and treats them the same way he has treated women because you reap what you sow. I want to tell his fiancée so bad that she has a cheating dog but it will be out of place now to tell her a piece of my mind. I feel she already knows. She is just accepting it just because she wants to be married and wants a man in her life!

Help Steve! This is a disaster, and how do I explain to my girls about their dad and his cheating ways because this could effect them!

Listen to Shirley Strawberry and guest host Anthony Hamilton comment on this letter below:


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