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Strawberry Letter: Strange Actions

Dear Shirley and Steve,

My boyfriend and I have been together for 2 years. He found out a female friend of his passed away on Thursday. He tells me he forgot to tell me but him and her were kicking it before him and I got serious and they had sex once. Okay he has never mentioned so much as her name to me before and the last time he saw her or talked to her was at his Christmas party 2010 which I was there and he said he introduced us.

I asked him if he wanted me to pick up a card for him to take to her family. He e tells me “No but he appreciates the gesture.” From Thursday until Saturday he is all over his Twitter talking about the girl saying her name in each Tweet “She was the prettiest girl I ever had sex with.” “She had the softest lips.” “I will miss her.” “She understands me so well” he wrote her name down his arm in ink pen, he changed his profile on Facebook and screen saver on his phone to her picture.

Then when I went to his house he had pictures he printed off the internet on his refrigerator (3 of them). He said he was going to sing for her at her funeral and said he had the perfect song and when he Tweeted about it…I knew I heard those lyrics before. IT WAS A SONG HE WROTE WITH ME IN MIND.

Then he told me he thinks he was falling in love with her back then and the way he was feeling now was wrong. He also told me he didn’t want me getting her a card because all he could imagine was him going to her house and her being there and being mad because I brought the card. I told him I was feeling disrespected, and sad about the things he was saying and he then yelled that I was trying to tell him how to mourn and started complaining that he couldn’t mourn the way he needed to because I was immature and selfish. He said if the guy I was messing with before him (who he knew about) dies he wouldn’t trip about what I said and I told him I wouldn’t be on social networks saying “Ohhhh such in such died and he had the biggest you know what I ever rode.”

I just feel some things shouldn’t be said and especially when the other person isn’t around. Maybe I am being immature, disrespectful and selfish, but it just seems strange to me. My close girlfriend thinks he was still seeing her behind my back all this time.

What is your take on this?


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