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Strawberry Letter: Workplace Romance or Not?

I  have a problem that I have been dealing with for the past eight months. Back in 2009, one of my coworkers began dating another coworker. I was somewhat happily married at the time and expecting my third child. Everyone knew about their romance but me because I just didn’t see the “signs.”

During the summer, I learned more about their relationship as it became the talk of the town. Fast forward to the summer of 2011 and my husband and I separated. My coworker who I thought was still dating my other coworker began to express an interest in being more than just friends. When I asked him about his “girlfriend,” he said they had actually broken up and no one knew about it. They had not been together since the summer of 2010.

Please know that I work closely with the woman he dated and it has become a very uncomfortable situation. He doesn’t understand why I won’t just “go with it” since they haven’t been together so long. Since their breakup, this woman has gone back to her “baby daddy” and has moved on.

Is it normal for me to have reservations? What should I do? He is a very nice person and I really enjoy spending time with him.


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