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Strawberry Letter: My Friend, The Idiot

Dear Steve and Shirley,

I have a friend who is just dumb. Her involvement with men ranges from the dangerous drug dealers to vindictive liars. Her latest escapade has me shaking my head. She was dating a man who had a young son. He told her that he was in the witness protection program and would be moving on soon. He was in the program because his father was a FBI agent who was ousted by the Venezuelans while working undercover. A few weeks ago he was killed. Him his father and an a FBI agent.

She received a text message saying he died and that was it. She sent a message inquiring about his son’s well-being and received no answer. One day she ran into his twin. Who happens to look exactly like him and worked the same jobs as he does. I’m no math major but the chances of identical twins working in same field on the same bus route in the same city does seem unlikely especially when you dated for so long and had no idea your boyfriend was a twin. This seems like something that would come up on the first date when most people exchanged trivial data about each other. His twin and her are now dating. They have chemistry she says and apparently the sex is awesome.

I am at a loss as to what goes on in her mind. She grew up with a strong male influence in her house. With both parents and a large family unit. Her family is close(ish) and for the most part she gets along with her cousins who are close in age to her. A few days ago she and I ran into him on the job. It turns out I know this guy. He’s no twin, he’s no son of a FBI agent. He’s a lair. I asked her the date when his supposed twin died and showed her a picture of him living up in Boca with his girlfriend and four children.

She started calling me names and said some really hurtful things. Things that I told her in confidence. I told her in no uncertain terms not to call me anymore. I unfriended him on all social media we were connected through. His girlfriend who I happen to know through a mutual friend is asking me what he did because he doesn’t have an inch of room left after all his prior indiscretion. She begged and told me she’s pregnant and she was planning on leaving him anyway. I told her leave or stay it’s not my place. I might not be his biggest fan but I don’t feel comfortable telling her what’s going on. She texted me this a few weeks ago and told me she took her children and left. She will keep in touch with me but while she doesn’t agree she understood. He called me and left a voicemail on my phone.

I have a one strike policy. I DON’T GIVE ANYONE THE OPPORTUNITY TO HURT ME TWICE. I called the local precinct and had a restraining order issued temporarily ’till a more permanent one could be issued. Apparently, mailed to his house and papers were served at his job. A long story short, he lost his job. Now my ex friend is verbally attacking me at every opportunity. I am not one to resort to violence, Steve, but she is trying the patience that I have left. A petty part of me wants to tell her family all her misdeeds but revenge is often bittersweet and empty. I am trying to take the moral high road but it’s so hard Steve.

What should I do?

Trying to be Godly In the City

Listen to Shirley Strawberry and Steve Harvey comment on this letter below:


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