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Strawberry Letter: I Have Been Played

Dear Steve and Shirley,

I have been dating this guy for 7 years. I have been through hell and back with this guy. When I met this guy I had just lost my best friend and I was going through some really bad depression. During my dark times I manage to meet this guy one day out with my mom and little sister. He and my mom knew each other so she introduced me to him.

From that day till today me and this guy have been with each other.  So now here we are 7 years later 2 kids and I’m a single mom. When I was pregnant with my first daugther I found out this man was MARRIED. Not only married but his wife was also pregnant too. When my first girl turned a year old I found out I was pregnant again and yes by the same man. That was horrible news for me. I was very depressed. I even would try to hide my my belly so people wouldn’t notice.

So now I have 2 kids with this MARRIED MAN that still comes around everyday like are a couple. Some people think we are because he’s always around but it’s funny, he only knows my people. I don’t know any of his except his sister and she’s dirty like him. I want this man out of my life but my girls love him so much.

WHAT DO I DO ??????

Listen to Steve Harvey and Carla comment on this letter below:


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