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Strawberry Letter: Broken

I met a man nearly three years ago and because of our age difference I was hesitant about giving out my number. We would talk every morning because he made it his business to come by my part time job for breakfast. After three months of speaking on the job I called him blocking out my phone number and our conversations got a little more personal.

We spoke like that for a month before I gave in and gave him my number. The man is younger than I am by a number of years so I expressed to him if you want to play keep walking. He stated he was through playing and I stated actions speak louder than words. Now in the beginning things were lovely. We went out for dinners, movies, activities and even some out of town trips at his expense. I really believed he was serious.

But as time passed I realized he has some problems: Drugs, Alcohol and Women. I choose not to indulge in drugs. I’m to old. I don’t care to cheat for the same reason. I will drink on occasion. I think I handled myself like a woman when I asked him to move on and do what makes him happy. Of course I get “your cheating on me.” I have tried to keep things on a mature level and not act a fool. I can say that I do care for this person because of time I have put into this but I love me more.

I made it this far in life and would like to live a while longer and his lifestyle goes against it. How do I make it clear that it’s over?


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