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Strawberry Letter: The Familiar Stranger

Steve and Shirley,

I am in a relationship with a guy I have known for two decades. We have been dating for two years and for the most part everything is great. I have other kids from a previous relationship that he loves. He helps me take care of the kids, the house and anything else I need he delivers. He has no kids of his own so for the most part he is with me and the kids.

Here is the problem. After 20 years of friendship and 2 years of dating I have only met two people in his family. When I ask him about meeting them he always replies “I don’t mess with my family like that.” But he is always over to one of their houses or they are always calling him on the phone. Whenever my family has an event he is always invited. When his family has an event he always downplays it like “its going to be a small gathering” or ” I’m just going to swing through for a minute and leave.”

I’ve tried to not think about it so much but the more I try not to think about it the more I think about it. I am starting to feel like I am dating a married man. Any sugguestions…


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