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Strawberry Letter: Payback Is Something

Dear Steve and Shirley,

I’m writing this letter as the title states I’ve been with my wife for 8 years. The last year we’ve been split apart due to my work. When I was with my wife for the 7 years together I was a bad husband fooling around with side chicks, but always took care of home i.e., money and quality of life. My wife kept having a woman sense of things where going on but could never prove nothing.

No side woman could ever make me leave my family and was taught as men this was how life is supposed to be as a male. Before I transfer with my work my wife wanted to stay back and finish school and had a good gig back home. I didn’t trip, stated we will make this work. Believe it or not getting away made me do a lot of soul searching and see what I really wanted, my family, and came clean with my wife with the stuff I had done back when I was home.

My wife and I talked over the phone and Skype the problem we had at times she didn’t want to come out here so the compromise was I travel back home time to time. Then I started to get a gut feeling and what do you know yes payback. The hard part was not the cheating. I understand that part because I did that. When she came clean she stated I wasn’t supposed to find out and she is torn. The thing that got me heated she brought her fling around my child, after them meeting for less than 30 days. Even the fling informed me the time frame they got together.

The fling thought I was a part time father and was mistaken big time. Then come to find out he moved in where my child was sleeping. I talk to her fling and he tried selling how he raised his ex-wife kids that was not his and the whole nine. I put her fling in his place as a father. After that her fling brought his 2 year old in the mix and now all four of them are living together. I had to compose myself from getting on the next plane and bring some heat. After a while her fling moved out but she doesn’t want to end their friendship.

I’m letting go but a side of me wants my family. My wife or soon to be ex-wife stated her fling and I are just alike and told her no one can come close to who I am as a man and a father and she couldn’t disagree on that. I know I brought this on myself but never thought it would get to the point where my child was in the midst. We fight more about our child because for her to bring someone around that soon and really don’t know them she tell me it’s all about time. Yes true and time for me to get my child.

Payback is something

Listen to Shirley Strawberry and Steve Harvey comment on this letter below:


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