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Strawberry Letter: He Tried To Kills His Wife & Is Currently Sleeping With Her Daughter

Dear Steve & Shirley,

I have a friend(43) which is my ex & we’ve known each other for 13yrs. She met a guy (37) while we were on the verge of splitting up & he pursued her until she gave in. She then confessed to him about our relationship being that I am a woman. At times she would use me as a way to get him mad when they would fight. (saying she would leave him for me because I knew how to treat a woman).

As the years went by she went through all the things people & his family warned her about & she still married him anyway. He cheated several times, physically & verbally abused her & even tried to kill her with what he called an old family remedy (moth balls & water). She took him back over & over again just because she did not want to be lonely. Everytime he comes back into her life she would stop talking to me. Now, it’s been almost a year since we spoke & I received a phone call from her yesterday. She told me all the issues she had going on with her husband & her children (from previous marriage). Then she said to me “I know you’re tired of me calling & complaining about the same old crap every year!” I then said yes because I don’t know why you haven’t had enough of this guy yet.

She then told me her husband is currently sleeping with her 23 yr old daughter & that really made me sick because I always looked at her kids as if they were my kids ever since we dated. She’s been with him for about 8 years now so that means he may have been checking her daughter out since she was a kid. But even now, my ex still says she can’t make it without him & she needs him around.

So Shirley & Steve, I would like to know when is enough enough? Is there help out there for her if she is willing, so she can no longer use this excuse? What kind of advice can you give her because at this point I’m all out!

Listen to Shirley Strawberry and Steve Harvey comment on this letter below:


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