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If you’re on a weight loss journey, it can be easy to get obsessed with the number on the scale. I see so many people get discouraged when the scale ticks upwards, especially when they are following their fitness plan. However, the scale doesn’t always tell the full story when it comes to fitness progress. This is why it is important to celebrate “non-scale” victories.

While a decrease in weight IS encouraging, here are other ways to track your progress:

  1. Take pictures: Photos are undeniable proof of progress because you have two images to compare. Having a visual of where you started to where you are presently is great motivation to keep pressing toward your goal. It provides a great since of accomplishment as well.
  2. Track a healthy habit: Have you been consistently drinking a gallon of water everyday? Are you able to lift heavier weight? Are you able to run faster? These are all great non-scale victories and proof that you are making progress.
  3. How do your clothes fit? The scale not be going down but your waistline might be. Are you able to fit those old pair of jeans that you once had a hard time getting in to? This is a great sign that you’re moving in the right direction.

Again, don’t get caught up with numbers, track your “non-scale victories” and celebrate how far you’ve come. Here are more non-scale victories to consider: AWESOME WAYS TO MEASURE NON-SCALE VICTORIES.

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