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So, ever since I decided to get serious about fitness, more fitness inspired posts have popped up on my Instagram explorer page. If you know me, I believe in “the law of attraction,” and feel that we are all drawn to things, people, experiences and circumstances that are related to goals we set for ourselves.

About 3 weeks ago, Abby Austin’s post popped up on my explorer page. She is a professional bikini competitor who is in great shape but what was really intriguing about her page were pictures of all the delicious food she posted. I was like: “How?” LOL!! The answer: FLEXIBLE DIETING, or in better terms, Flexible EATING. Can you enjoy sushi and donuts and still lose weight? SURE, if it fits your “macros.” Learn more about Abby and find out what Flexible dieting is and how it can help you reach your fitness/weight goals HERE.

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