The average American expects to gain eight pounds over the holidays. A new study found that 60% of Americans agree they “deserve” to indulge in holiday treats this year. 90% of people also added that they’ll mostly just try to enjoy the holidays, and won’t worry too much about what they eat! 48% of people […]

In this edition of Wellness Wednesdays, Maria More explains the difference between weight loss and fat loss. Sometimes you can actually gain weight while on a weight loss program. Press play to figure out why. Sign Up For Our Newsletter!

Don’t let a cheat meal set you back! If you don’t choose wisely, you could lose the progress you’ve made on your fitness journey. In order to prevent that from happening, the key is to PLAN. Check out this list of smarter ways to plan your cheat meal.

While being active is a good thing, the INTENSITY of your workouts is important as well. If you’ve been working out for awhile but suddenly stopped seeing results, it could mean that you need to take things up a notch. Check out these 6 signs to see if you’re working out hard enough.

Losing weight is a battle but keeping it off can also be challenging. The more pounds you shed, the more your BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate) decreases because your body is smaller than it was before and requires less calories. Maintain your weight loss results doesn’t have to be a daunting task though. Here are 3 […]

While most people “think” weight loss happens primarily with exercise, the truth is, successful weight loss has more to do with how you eat. Breaking bad eating habits can be challenging. However, if you are able to identify your shortfalls, you’ll be more equipped to deal with them and enjoy sustainable results. Here are just […]

Worried about packing on extra pounds this holiday season? Check out THESE helpful tips to avoid unwanted weight gain.

In order to lose weight you must burn more calories than you consume. Traditionally, this is done through diet and exercise but there are other creative ways to “steal” more calories and maximize your body’s fat burning potential. One of these ways is simply waking up earlier. Yep, getting out of bed just 30 minutes […]

There are countless benefits to exercise, including it’s ability to reverse the aging process. That’s right, not only does exercise help you feel better and look good, it plays an important role in preventing a slew of health conditions like osteoporosis, diabetes and heart disease. As we age, we naturally lose bone minerals and our resting […]

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Multiple studies have shown that sugar can be just as addictive as drugs. Because of this, sugar is a major culprit when it comes to unwanted weight gain because it can be hard to stop eating it, even when you’re full. In order to prevent this from happening, you have to get your sugar cravings […]

Food (especially junk food) has often been referred to as a “drug” because it can be addictive. This is especially the case when a person is experiencing high levels of stress or depression. We often turn to food to “comfort” us when in fact, we are only hurting ourselves worse. Although overcoming emotional eating can […]