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Strawberry Letter: My Boyfriend Wants An Abortion

I am 22 years old and recently found out I was pregnant. My boyfriend (26) of two years wasn’t that surprised in the beginning. He suggested an abortion early on but I made it clear that was not what I wanted. His words were, “I support you with whatever decision you make.” He has recently gotten a great job in another city. At first he was all for me moving with him and us being a family. Well now a month later things have turned for the worst. He’s literally trying to force me to have an abortion. He has been mean and rude to me for no reason at all. Even his mother hinted to asking me, why was I keeping the baby. He has stated that he does not want me to move with him and he just isn’t ready for a child. He makes good money. I’m a nurse and also make good money. Since he has been so back and forth I’ve decided to move closer to my mother to have the help and support that I’m going to need. Mind you, I turned down a Nursing program to obtain my Bachelor’s in Nursing thinking me and him were going to move forward together in another city. I’m lost at what I should do. Should I just leave him out of the picture all together and move on with my life or stick around for him to be apart of our childs life

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