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Strawberry Letter: Runaway Love

Good Morning Shirley and Sheryl,

I am writing to you to ask for advice with my relationship with my fiance. My fiance and I have been engaged since late April and the wedding is scheduled to take place in September. But the way things are going, that sure is hell ain’t about to happen. At first things were going fabulous and lovely. He is very smart, strong, helpful,and has a good paying job as an electrician. But lately he’s been showing me his true colors. He’s been coming home late, smells like he done had too much to drink, and he’s been hitting me lately. I don’t appreciate any of this.

When I told my mother about it she tells me that I need to stop doing whatever that makes him mad, be a good wife, and do what he says. When she told me that, I was very pissed because she didn’t understand me. So for the past couple of days I’ve been camping out at my friend’s house with my 8-year-old daughter until things cool off. I return back home and he’s still acting the same way except he stopped drinking. I can’t continue to live in these conditions and I don’t want my daughter to be around him. I’m about to go crazy and lose my mind. I’ve even considered shooting him with my 32 caliber to end the pain.

Steve and Shirley please help me before I lose my mind and go to jail.

Listen to Sheryl and Shirley comment on this letter below:


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