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Strawberry Letter: Is She A Church Hoe, Or Just A Hoe

Hey Steve and Shirley,

I have a problem with a girlfriend. She is running around with several of the guys of the church. I mean getting it in. The problem is that, she is married and some of the guys she is messing with sits up on the podium and acts like his friend. They even speak the word to the people. But as soon as he turns his back they are right in his wife face all touchy and she is rubbing all over them. He is such a nice guy. I can’t believe how she acts when he is not around. You would not know that she is married.

She and the guys disrespect him whenever they get a chance. So my question is, do I talk to her and let her know how she looks from a ladies point of view? Maybe I should just tell the husband and let him see for himself. Like my friend is doing, maybe I should just start kicking it with him. NO just talking but, what do I do? I am seeing it too much. I really like him and her until I saw how she is allowing the guys to disrespect him…..



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