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One of the biggest complaints among women when it comes to weight loss is belly fat. There’s no doubt that getting active and doing core exercises is important to flatten your tummy. But there are also important things you should do outside of the gym. Here are 3 ways to lose belly fat without doing a single crunch.

When your body senses that you are stressed or overwhelmed, it automatically starts producing cortisol, a hormone that causes imbalances in your body chemistry leading to extra fat storage in your belly. Remember, your mental health effects your physical well being, so be sure to get some “me time” when you need it.
Eat every three hours

You may think skipping lunch will help trim your mid section but it’s actually doing the opposite. Missing out on meals will only slow down your metabolism causing you to hold on to extra weight instead of naturally burning it. You don’t have to eat a calorie packed meal, but try to at least have a healthy snack in between breakfast, lunch and dinner.
Eat dark chocolate
Dark chocolate is packed with zinc, which increases your body’s level of leptin, a hormone that regulates your energy levels, fat storages and appetite. But be sure to opt for dark chocolate that is natural and low in sugar