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Strawberry Letter: Confused & In Love

Hello Steve and Shirley,

I’m going to get straight to the point. I divorced my husband while he was incarcerated for selfish reasons. That last few months of his incarceration we decided to work things out. Once he came home we were doing great and then one day I went to check his email. I found an email from someone who he had been waiting for and saw that he was on a dating website. We talked about it and he told me that he thought that we should not be in a relationship until he shakes off whatever. Since then we have still seen each other everyday, and we take care of everything as any other couple. He’s been dating other people who make me extremely jealous, so he suggested I get on the website and meet a few people. I joined the site and of course I did not find as much success as he did. I did meet someone, however we are not on the same page and all the other men just want sex. I deactivated my account and have just been following suit with whatever my ex husband wants and is doing. He keeps me abreast of everything that he is doing which I am extremely grateful for. At the same time I hate that he tells me everything, because I feel that he’s doing with these other females what he should be doing with me. Sometimes I feel I made the right decision by letting him do his thing, being that I did do him wrong while he was inside. Other times I feel that I am no better than the wife that knows her man is cheating and stays anyway. I love this man with every fiber of my being. He has taken my youngest son (the son I had with someone else while he was incarcerated before our divorce) as his own and always looks out for him, and not just the son we have together. He tells me he loves me, yet he hates me to because of how I left him knowing that I was the only he had while he was incarcerated. Am I doing the right thing? Should I just fade into the background and separate our bills until he’s ready to commit fully to me? I’m so confused, yet very much in love with this man. Please help….

Listen to Shirley and Steve comment ont his letter below:


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