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Strawberry Letter: A World Of Mess I Created

Top of the day Steve and Gang,

I listen everyday. your show helps me through my mornings. On to my reason for writing. See I have been with my wife for the past 13 yrs but married 6. Now in the begining we were very close friends. Really. See then she never gave me a reason to stray but honestly after i came back home in 03, i noticed she began to treat me as if i wasnt there. ( i got a weakness when a female pushes me to the side, i usually run to some other female for comfort which is usually something sexual) So steve as the years went on it began to get worst and the dis respect picked up… So i turned to the streets even more… Now i know im leaving a lot out but my issue isnt my wife. im trying to figure out why is it that when i notice my wife ignoring me, im so quick to turn to some woman to take my fustration out on.. Now yes i have been cought doing this and beg to keep my family together. Now i have tried speaking to her about the little triggers that make me stray… In all do honesty she shows me she dont care, to be honest i dont blame her becuase of my past. Im greatful she stayed but now i believe shes out on a revenge kick. In since i noticed that i put her out.. Again I know my past isnt the best but I do love her but i believe her love is gone from me. Now that shes gone i want her back but i dont believe she will ever put my needs before her family and friends… Thats what makes me mad. Now she is a sweet person and i know i may not be good for her because of my cheating in the past. i just really need some help correcting my issue on running to other women for sexual plesures… Can you guys please help me correct my issue before i complete lose my wife.

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