Strawberry Letter: Crazy In-Laws

Dear Steve Harvey and The Morning Show Crew,

My wife and I have been married for 3 years and everything was perfect. That was the first 2 years, then I got that painful call. My wife’s parents house was getting painted and they needed somewhere to stay for 2 days. Well those 2 days turned into 8 months now. At first I was cool with it but on that 4th day I saw her real parents. Her mother is always in my face telling me how her daughter could have done much better.

One night me and my wife were about to get freaky when her mother walks in and asked us to stop. Her father is just as nasty. After 2 weeks of them living there I walked in the bathroom and saw # 2 on the floor he said that the toilet was too low. I ain’t even playing…he has also wet my sofa and walls. He’s only 48 so he got to be stupid. I have been gone for 8 weeks and my wife is begging me to come home. Her parents are still there, what should I do? I would put them out but it would hurt my wife too bad.

Listen to Steve Harvey and Shirley Strawberry comment on this letter below:


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