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Strawberry Letter: 45 And Never Been Tested

Good Morning,

I am here in Vegas at the Hoodies alone and there is something weighing on my heart, so I decided to write in. I have been talking to a man for about a month. I really like this guy and we connected immediately. I am 53 and he is 47. The getting to know him phase has turned up some issues, but since they won’t harm or hurt me , I can compromise. The thing that brought us to a halt is his refusal to be tested for HIV. He says that he never has and never will.

How in 2012 are some of us still stuck on stupid and have the stigma of being tested? Really? I have tried everything to help him to see that this is something he should do for himself and should require of anyone he gets involved with. It breaks my heart because this for me is a deal breaker.

Do you think there is anything I can do to urge him to get tested? Even though its only been a month, it is painful pulling away from him, real painful.

Listen to Steve and Shirley comment on this letter below:


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