Strawberry Letter: Update from My Past Has Hurt My Future

Hello again, I heard my letter (My past has Hurt my Future) read on air. It is a funny feeling to hear my issue discussed so publicly. However, I am grateful for the forum to have the opportunity to get advice anonymously. When I typed the 1st letter, I was so emotional that I may have left out some key points. So, I wanted to follow up on that letter & give you an update. I do believe that he cheated on me, (I failed to mention in 1st letter) that when he found out he had the STD; I was sitting next to him. So, he had no choice but to tell me. I do appreciate the Doctor that called in, because it gave me medical insight into my disease. I never intentionally tried to withhold information from him; I truly thought that after 12 years of being dormant, I was not putting him at risk. I subconsciously do not even think about it, due to how it was contracted. When I was first diagnosed as a freshman in college, I had to tell my partner (and we used protection always). He completely went off on me, called me all types of names & eventually left me. My boyfriend and I have sat down and talked deeply about everything. He still never fully admitted that he cheated, but inadvertently there was admittance. He has decided not to leave the relationship, and work through this together. He told me he acted in anger, but after thinking things through he loves me and what we have to walk away. We made our apologies about how we both were dishonest with each other. We have started using protection and plan to a have regular check ups about every 3 months. I am continuously praying for us and that this will be our last episode of infidelity. I truly want to thank the crew at the Steve Harvey Morning show, Sheryl Underwood and your callers.

Healing from the Past, Moving to a Brighter Healthier Future

Copy of 1st Letter:

At age 18 (now 41) I was raped and contracted an STD (Genital Warts). I was immediately treated, and has only had 2 outbreaks since diagnosed. Both of my outbreaks were during my 2 pregnancies – 12 years ago now. I never disclose this information about the STD to others as it is only contagious if I am having an outbreak. But recently my man was diagnosed with the same thing, and I had just had my annual exam & I didn’t have any symptoms. So, I truly believe with all my heart that he has cheated on me & someone else gave it to him. But I did tell him that I did have it, trying to be honest. So, now he feels I have deceived him. I told him that I was sorry and this has never been an issue in the past 12 years. But nonetheless he is ending our relationship. I tried to explain to him that yes, I was wrong and should’ve disclosed this to him once we began serious. But I reminded that he lied to me in the beginning and told me he was divorced after I was already in deep love. I forgave him & moved on with the relationship. But he can’t forgive me. Should I have told him the truth about my past considering I’ve been symptom free for 12 years? Is this something I should disclose going into any new relationships?


Truly sorry & hurt by my past & decisions.

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