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Strawberry Letter: What Should I Do?

Hello Steve, Shirley,and the rest of the morning crew,

I am a 29-year-old woman who needs some solid advice. I am dating a 35-year-old man who is strong, educated, works 2 jobs, pays his own bills, helps his family out when he can and in general just takes care of business. We’ve been dating for close to a year now. Where’s the problem you may ask? Well this man is divorced and has 3 children. I have no children, have a great career and have been living on my own for more than 10 years. This man is good to me and while we haven’t had any major problems, we do have our differences of opinion from time to time. This man also lives in another state and wants me to move away from my family, friends, and job to be with him. He doesn’t understand the concept of support system and says “Why can’t I be your support system?” Am I crazy to have strong reservations and concerns about moving across the country to be with someone with 3 kids and an ex-wife? He says that I am too concerned about the “what ifs” and I should just live life and if I loved him, than moving wouldn’t be an issue. How can I make a sacrifice like moving across the country away from everything I know and love after only 1 year? What should I do? How can I explain to him my concerns without downplaying our relationship? I do care about him but I’m just not sure.


Concerned and confused

Listen to Shirley and Steve comment on this letter below:


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