Moving your body is necessary for overall health but if you are aiming to reduce some pounds, here are a few ways to add cardio to conquer your goals: 1) HIIT – High Intensity Training: this cardio is going to give you the most bang for your buck. High Intensity involves training in a higher […]

To reach a goal, you need a plan. Check out THESE helpful planning/tracking worksheets to assist you with your fitness journey!

In this edition of Wellness Wednesdays, Maria More shares the best time for you to eat to boost metabolism and lower insulin levels, which lead to fat loss around the mid section. She also gives a few tips on digestion to get rid of “sticky weight”. Sign Up For Our Newsletter!  

If you’re on a journey to lose weight and find yourself losing motivation, check out these helpful tips to keep yourself inspired!

The more muscle you have, the more fat you’ll burn. In fact, scientific research shows that 1 pound of muscle burns 7-10 calories per day while 1 pound of fat only burns 2-3 calories. That’s a HUGE difference! So, as you’re on your weight loss journey, don’t let yourself get stuck on the treadmill. Instead, be […]

Can’t make it to the gym? Check out these creative ways to burn more calories while you’re at the office! Take fitness breaks – from stretching to walking around your office building during a lunch break, just a few minutes away from sitting at your desk can make a big difference. Pick up your lunch […]

From switching healthy foods to your “treat” to grossing yourself out, there are many creative ways to “train your brain” to hate junk food. Click HERE to learn more!

Success requires consistency. This concept is applicable in all aspects of life including reaching your fitness goals. You can’t just go to the gym sporadically or eat healthy “sometimes” and expect the results you want. Instead, you need a plan that you can stick to, day by day, week by week, month by month. Here’s […]

Not only is proper diet and exercise important for weight loss, so is SLEEP. If you’re up late at night, tossing and turning, it could have a negative impact on your fitness goals. Lack of sleep can trigger hunger hormones (even when you’re full), slow metabolism, and even INCREASE fat storage. Click HERE to read […]

Just like achieving any other goal, getting lean requires effort. In general, weight loss is simple: burn more calories than you eat. However, there are more specific things you should do to put your body in fat burning mode. From decreasing your carb intake, eating more protein, proper post-workout nutrition and eating more frequently, there are […]

A common statement I hear about eating healthy and losing weight is: “it’s too expensive.” While it’s true that you can rack up a huge bill shopping at a whole foods store and paying for a gym membership, there are still ways you can get fit and lose weight on a budget. From creating a […]

Tired of lugging a gallon of water with you all day? This is how I track my water intake while I’m at work. I aim for one 12 ounce cup per hour. My shift is 10am-3pm. After I drink one cup, I write the time I finished and fill it back up again. 60 ounces […]