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As the temperatures rise, it becomes even more important that you practice the proper precautions to avoid any heat related illnesses while you exercise. Here are a few things to consider when training in the Summer heat:

1) Hydration: Exercising in higher temperatures will cause you to sweat more than you normally would. Be sure to replenish with water (minimum of 6-12 oz.) every 15-20 minutes while training outdoors.

2) Stay In The Shade: Do your best to train before the heat peaks. If you can’t workout in the early morning/evening (before the sun comes out), try to train in a shaded area to prevent overexposure to the sun. Also, be sure to wear sunscreen with a UV protection that is suitable for the weather conditions.

3) Proper Clothing: Opt for light colored/breathable clothing, especially when doing cardio outdoors. Bright colored, “Dry fit” fabric is ideal as it allows the body to cool down through perspiration.

4) Ease into it: Training in the heat can be tolling if you are not used to it. Try starting with low/moderate exercises in 15 minute daily increments then gradually increase the intensity/time as your body adjusts.