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When it comes to weight loss, the place people want to lose the most is in their stomach. There are tons of recommendation and “quick fixes” when it comes to losing belly fat, but if you want a permanent solution, you need to adjust your habits.

First of all, I wholeheartedly agree that abs are made in the kitchen, but there are other practical things you can do to slim your mid-section like:

Eat more fiber: Most of the time belly fat is associated with bloating and indigestion. Fiber deficiency can cause you to become “backed up” and carry more weight in your mid section. Try adding foods that are high in fiber with each meal, there are also a variety of supplements you can take.

Drink MORE water: When it comes to belly fat, water is your best friend. Drinking water actually reduces water weight, releasing extra molecules linked to excess carb/sodium intake.

Scale back your calories as the day goes by: Often times people have a light breakfast (or none at all) then end up eating a heavy lunch or dinner to make up for it. Unless your workouts are in the evening, this is counterproductive because skipping breakfast will only make you more hungry and can lead to overeating, thus creating more belly fat. Instead, have a big breakfast, utilize that food energy as you go about your day and scale back on your calories as you become less active. This will give your body more time to process the food you’ve eaten earlier in the day, reducing belly bloat.

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