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So, the waiter brought out that big plate of pasta, your “intentions” were to save half for later but you ended up eating the WHOLE thing. On top of that, you ordered desert. This is a familiar scenerio for so many people who are trying to stick to a diet. Although you may be full of guilt (and food, lol) afterwards, you CAN rebound from an eating binge. Here’s a few tips from Women’s Health:

Have Breakfast

Even if you wake up feeling full and sluggish from all that fill-in-the-blank you ate the night before, force yourself to start the day with breakfast. Not only does it reset your body by getting your metabolism going, but it also helps you set the tone mentally for a regular eating day.

Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate

Water is so clutch on the day after you overeat. Why? It helps you feel full, so you won’t be as tempted to carry your overeating day into the next day, too.

Eat Dinner at home

Go for clean foods, like a piece of broiled fish with roasted veggies and a whole grain like quinoa or barley. They’ll give you the nutrients you need without all the processed gunk, which would only perpetuate your bloat.

Try to Squeeze in a Workout

When you feel like you’re carrying a small child, building up the mental energy to hit the gym can seem majorly daunting. But really try to do it because you’ll feel so. Much. Better. Even a light yoga class or lifting some easy weights will suffice.

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