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Strawberry Letter: Stop Asking My Husband for Money and Get A Job.

Morning Crew!

I need to vent this out! so let a girl vent. I am sick and tired of our friends asking for money! SICK of it! this week was the last Straw! my husband’s 45-year-old BEST friend called him. He needs (thousands of thousands) FOR surgery. Or he was going to die. Wait!!! The Obama Care provides healthcare, right??? . if this life threatening don’t this fall under the Obama care? But why not ask your family for the money. I am tired of people calling my husband saying “I need, I need, I need”. Now we REALLY don’t mind helping folks out because it is more “happiness in Giving” but let me give you the run down, In January my friend called asking for 120.00 to buy a cell phone, in February our cousins need 500.00, now the Thousand dollar request to get “life threatening surgery” WHAT the WHAT!. I need for people to stop asking my husband for money and get a JOB! And no I don’t believe this SAP SUCKER Needs surgery. I told my husband if this I for real to call the doctor that is doing the surgery, matter fact go down and see the doctor…. I AM SICK OF THIS STEVE! GET A JOB!

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