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Strawberry Letter: Texts Gone Bad With Big Cousin

Dear Shirley and Crew,

I have been dating this girl for 7 yrs. I thought that she could be the one and I could really make some serious moves with her. A few months ago she left her phone inside of my car. Me being the Peron that I am I looked through it and I found her texting a guy back and forward about how he missed her and she said she missed him too. Shirley by this time I was furious but at the same time heartbroken.

I kept reading and I knew it was her time a month so later in the conversation she texted him back saying that he picked the wrong time to come in town because it was her time of month and it got worse. When I told her that I had her phone she came and picked it up from me. I asked her about the text and she lied saying that her friend used her phone to text this guy back and forth. I kept asking her and she finally told me that it was someone she used to have sex with years ago but it is nothing now she just texts him for entertainment reason’s and she poured her heart out telling me it was the truth.

We are trying to work things out Shirley but I really do not trust her anymore I feel she should at least tell me the truth I deserve that because I know what I read but my heart makes me blind to it. My curiosity made me use an app on my phone to describe/hide or change my number when I text so I called her and texted her with this bogus number and she did not know who it was and then I acted like I was the other guy. Shirley the guys real name and the nickname that she called him is

So I called and confronted her about that and once again she lied and called her cousin to lie for her too. Shirley what should I do and I love the show.

Listen to Shirley and guest host Kevin Hart respond to this letter below:

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