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Strawberry Letter: He’s Disrespectful and I am Frustrated

Good morning Shirley and Steve,

I am going to do the best I can to make this short. I have been dating someone who apparently, has no respect for me. A few nights ago, he showed up at my house around 10:30pm twisted. We talked earlier that day about something that he left in my car (which was done on purpose) but never about him coming to get it. Anyway, he shows up, I gave him his item, he left and I went back to bed. The next day he began throwing me shade and I knew why but I was hoping I was wrong. I attempted to talk to him about the lack of communication that caused this issue and immediately, he gets irate and irrational saying, I am making a big deal about communication when I should be more concerned about letting him leave drunk. First, how is that my responsibility when he never said he was coming and how is his stupidity my issue? The issue for him is that I am hiding something because my main concern was him just showing up at my house unannounced and that someone else was at my house. I do not care what the relationship is, it does not give him the right to show up at my home 10:30 at night and drunk. This is among the many situations that I have dealt with over the past few years. Sadly enough, I can think of 100 reasons not to stay in this relationship and not one to stay. I want this over with and have tried to end this relationship but I then have to realize I am not dealing with a rational person, who is always worried that someone is cheating. I am SICK of the insecurity and I do not know what to do. I know, I need to leave but how? I just want this done peacefully. If you can’t trust me than why want to be with me? Also, is it appropriate for someone you are in a relationship with, to just show up at your house unannounced? I am 44 years old and I am not into the cheating thing because I am not trying to die. What gives? Was I wrong because I did not let him stay.

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