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Strawberry Letter: Cheating Heart With a Man of Many Lives

Hello Steve and Shirley,

Hi my name is Linda, I am a 34-year-old, engaged mother of three sons. I’ve been with my children’s father going on 18 years now. My fiance is a great guy from a great christian family and he’s a hard-working man and a great father but I’ve seen him through a lot of hard times. When we were in our 20’s he struggled with drug addiction and I’m 98 percent sure he has cheated on me in the past although I could never really prove it. He’s never really been affectionate and I find my self thinking of cheating pretty often. I’ve never really pushed the issue on getting married but now I’m ready and he just doesn’t seem to care if we are married or not. In 2009 I met a guy at work and we became close friends. This guy showed me attention that I just wasn’t used to. We would go out to happy hour after work, he would bring me little gifts and we had such great conversations. One night after work, he asked me to come to his place to help him with hanging curtains and when I got there he was naked with just a towel on. He grabbed me and started kissing me so passionately I thought my body was on fire. The sex was amazing. So for the next few years we had an off and on affair. He’s originally from Las Vegas so he would live in Arizona for six months and back to Las Vegas for the other six. But when he was here, we were together. I didn’t know what to do so I prayed hard about this and out of nowhere I found out he has seven babies and one psycho baby mama. When I confronted him he came clean and asked could we still be friends, I agreed but I kept feeling something was off. He loved to do my hair, and paint my toenails and our favorite show to watch was “Say Yes to the Dress” and “Bridesmaids”. So I decided to go through his phone one night and lo and behold he was texting men; transsexuals to be exact. I talked to one of the guys who told me he was on a gay chat line requesting feminine bottoms. I immediately cut him off and got tested. Which one year later, my health is great thank GOD. Now he’s with another woman and I’m not sure should I should tell her about him. I feel so traumatized by this and have been struggling with depression. I feel so hurt and lost.


Listen to Shirley and Steve respond to this letter below:


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