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Strawberry Letter: Slowing Temper Down (STD)

Dear Steve and Shirley,

I was dating this woman. In the beginning we both opened our truth box. I have three daughters that was my truth and her’s was she got Herpes from her ex-boyfriend years ago. She PROMISED me that she will try her hardest not to let me get it. We had sex with a condom and sometimes without, because we were working to try to have a child. When she had an outbreak we didn’t have sex for two-weeks or even long, especially when she felt an outbreak was going to occur. A year later, when I came home I noticed something physical different about me on my private parts and, yes, it was confirmed! She thought I wanted to kill her the way I responded, even leave her. So then she told me she had it for years and live a life, with hesitation in her voice. In my head, I am a man,we think different. So I had days were I could not bare to be around her or people because I was having outbreaks. We started having a lot of difference and on top of that she knocked my manhood many times, like all I am is a computer guy! Years later now, I have not had sex with her for 5 years and she never pressed the issue (like if YOU feeling frisky jump on board), but I was sexually not attracted to her because of the STD. She involved herself with a contractor who worked on our house, just when after seven years of living together I was going to get engage to this woman who pretty much end my life, if I was single. She told ALL my friends it was my fault and none of MY friends reached out to as me how I was. I now find it hard to begin another relationship because starting over is a bummer and second, I carry the luggage she gave me, which now I can only imagine the reactions I would get from women when I disclosed the STD I got from my ex. There are times I want to scream…and scream directly at my ex. The thing that bothers me is she cheated on me with some guy who I have seen, even in my house, well where I use to live. And I’ve been prepping myself for if and when I run into him. She attends my church which I want her to find another and don’t bring that guy. For she even lied to my personal friend and archbishop about her relation with the contractor. Pissed at times, Mr. Finding it hard to forgive that easy and living with a STD

Listen to Steve respond to this letter below:


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