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Strawberry Letter: What’s Going On With The Church?

Good Morning Steve & Shirley,

I was brought up in the church and have remained in church. We got a new preacher about five years ago. The church has grown and he’s implemented new ministries and things were going well (at least that’s what everyone thought). He invited me to lunch one day so we could start a new ministry but asked me remain mum about the luncheon because he “didn’t want everyone in [his] business”. During the luncheon he began ask me questions that a minister should never ask, such as what turns me on, what have I done to make my husband crazy about me, etc. (First of all, a red flag should have went off in my head when he said he didn’t want anyone to know about our luncheon but it didn’t.) Anyway, I ended the luncheon by pretending I had a meeting to go to and we went our separate ways. I went straight to a family member’s house to tell them what happened and she said maybe I misunderstood what he was saying and not to tell my husband because he would cause a scene and I would break the church up. Long story short, he continued to use suggestive language until I couldn’t take it anymore. I called my family member in along with my husband to explain what happened. My husband was OUTRAGED!!! The minister ended up resigning from our church and began his own church (along with a few members who believed he was not guilty). How do I get past this? This was someone who was supposed to be the leader of his flock.


following the wrong leader

Listen to Steve and Shirley respond to this letter below:


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