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Strawberry Letter: I am 71 And I am In Love With A Stripper

Good Morning Steve & Shirley,

I am a 71-year-old male dating a 31-year-old female. I met her at the strip club where she was a dancer. After talking to her and getting to know her that night she convinced me that she didn’t really want to dance for money but had experienced some hardships after being laid off from her job and had no other options. Everything is good when I get my social security check but after it’s gone she’s sneaking right back down to that club. She moved in with me about three nights after meeting her. She told me that she was working at bingo at night. She was at bingo alright! I had the Buick backed in the cut and seen her go in the club. I tried to approach her but the bouncer at the door would not let me in. I really love this woman and want to have kids with her. We recently got engaged and the same night she left the house at 10pm, I asked her where she had been and she told me she and her friend girls went to the movies. Don’t know what to do.

Thank you,

Steve. Please help me — this is the woman of my dreams.

Listen to Steve and Shirley respond to this letter below:


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