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Strawberry Letter: My Husband Doesn’t Care About Me

Dear Steve and Shirley,

I’m writing this letter from my mother’s house since I just left my home because my husband is so insensitive. Just today I finally went to the doctor after feeling sick for five days and I was told I have the flu. When I returned home I told my husband I needed to rest and he agreed to pick up our children from school (one in elementary school and two in day care). As it got closer to the time to pick up the kids he tells me he’s not picking up the babies so I need to get up. I ignored him hoping he was joking because he frequently jokes about things that aren’t funny. He left the house in the car that doesn’t have the car seats. So I had to get out of bed to go get the babies. Once I arrived back home he leaves with our oldest to go to the park. Whenever the weather is nice he practically lives on the basketball court (yes, he goes so he can play, not our son) so this is always an issue but I’m sick and he leaves me with the two kids that need the most attention (ages one and two). Whenever I tell him I’m not feeling well or I simply need more help from him I never get it. His desires always come before what I need. I just feel like he doesn’t care about my feelings or well-being. What should I do?

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