Strawberry Letter: Stuck Between Concrete and Brick Walls

Dear Shirley and Steve,

Good morning, I am stuck between a concrete and brick wall. A couple months I met this wonderful girl (concrete wall); she actually decided to talk to me before I wanted to talk to her. We’ve been together since December and our relationship has been on the edge for a while now. Recently she started talking to this other guy because she said the only time I have for her is during the night time to talk on the phone, which is true. I don’t understand why we must talk on the phone 24/7. I truly don’t believe that’s a good enough reason to talk to someone especially when she knows everything I do is to be successful. She knew before we started dating I was one of the youngest successful AA men in my area. All she does is complain that I only see her twice a week every other week and once every week, so she sees me a lot and it’s not just for an hour. She is also ashamed to go places with me because she’s used to having drug dealers and she’s scared her friends would judge her. I honestly don’t know what to do? That’s not even the half; I have a friend (Brick Wall) who I have been friends with for years who is my ex. Well she tells me to move out and the thing is I think I am falling in love with her more than my girlfriend, she is proud of me, she actually appreciates my success. She tells me everything that a man should hear. Her and I been through the works, but I still go to her for everything. I don’t know where or who should I be with. Shirley, Steve and the Crew, HELP! The walls are enclosing.

Listen to Shirley and Steve respond to this letter below:

Read the letter, and give him some advice below, Who should he be with?


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