Strawberry Letter: Confused By This Dark Figure In My Dreams

Hello Shirley and crew. I don’t even know where to begin. Well, first off, I was married to this guy for five years and we divorced a year ago, we’ll I divorced him. Since then he has been telling me I want my family back and I miss you, I miss my wife. For the longest I wasn’t even talking to him on the phone and just recently I decided that the dating thing wasn’t going right which I know I probably didn’t give it much time but I decided to give it another try. He has told me he changed and went to counseling etc., but I don’t see where he has changed. He cheated when we were married and I just couldn’t get over it. One of the main reasons for me divorcing him. To make a long story short I asked him to see his phone. He gave it to me and in it I saw a conversation with a female that I would say was a little much. Well, I called her and she said nothing was going on and that he told her he was still in love with me but something still doesn’t feel right. This was probably a month or two ago but now I’m feeling, I guess you can say, insecure again. I asked to see the phone the other day and he said no, which pissed me off and we haven’t spoken since. The other night I had a dream about a dark figure in the form of smoke and Googled it and it said that, that’s where I was in a troubled relationship and if I wasn’t careful I would be harmed some type of way. I just don’t know how to deal. I am a single mother of three and I want to always be around for my children. I must say I still do love him but I also love him enough to let it go if it’s going to be poisonous for me! Please guys just help and give me a little advice from a man’s perspective. Love, lost and confused.

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