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Strawberry Letter: She-Devil ( Sleeping with a co-worker and the boyfriend works with me)

Dear  Steve and Shirley,

I am 24 years old and last year around July and August, I began to have sexual relations with one of my co-workers. This is not the first time I’ve done this,  The co-worker I was sleeping with had a boyfriend which I knew about but didn’t care. She also had slept with another co-worker who happens to be one of my friends inside my own place where I sleep (which she claims that wasn’t her intentions) while I was on vacation. But that was before we started hitting the sheets. So one day she told my friend (the co-worker she slept with) the only person she would mess with at work is me! So he  gave her  me  my number  before we began sleeping together, she confirmed to me that she has a boyfriend and he might start working in the same department as me. I told her I didn’t care and we both assumed it was going be a one time thing but sex changes everything and the one-time thing evolved in to four times a day thing.  After countless lies and sneaking around, She finally ended up breaking up with her boyfriend and we started to have a boyfriend/girlfriend type of relationship but in her eyes it wasn’t she ended up pregnant and  insisted on getting an abortion which I was totally against but she said that we are not ready for this kind of responsibility. To be honest she was pregnant earlier this year too and had got an abortion then too.  A month passed  and she wanted to buy a vehicle  and she got lucky when one of her friends offered her a car for $3,000. She didn’t have enough money, so, me being the Virgo I am, offered to help instead of purchasing a car myself. I ended up giving her $1,250 for the vehicle. January came and she finally got a promotion at work and I started to see a change in her attitude toward me. She would not call me anymore and the sex wasn’t the same and that was because she and her ex starting talking again. There was this one time she was coming to take me to work  and this heifer had the audacity to tell me that her ex-boyfriend was going to be riding with us from now on in the morning.  That’s when it hit me … this heifer is crazy! She’s back with her boyfriend and they both work with me. She is 27!.   How do you guys feel about this situation. If you were in my shoes, what should I do from this day forward?

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