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Strawberry Letter:  Sick of Being Mr. Nice Guy

Dear Steve and Shirley,

So recently when I was with my ex our neighbor was a single mother of a little boy. When I met her we clicked instantly, so everyday we would talk bout everything go places together, out to eat, we were like Bonnie and Clyde, everywhere we went people thought we were a couple, her son every calls me Dad. She confided in me with everything. I gave her everything that her previous boyfriends couldn’t. She would call me with guy problems that she had like almost everyday. I started feeling like she was the one, we had such a close bond. So when me and my ex split up I decided to try to get with the neighbor a couple of months later, she started saying ” not right now”, or ” I can’t do that to my friend, which was my ex” she has morals and blah. Crazy thing is she was just a booty call with the guys she used to sleep with. She knew each one had a girl but she didn’t care but then she wouldn’t date me. So I started to fall back from her. While doing so she would continue to call me and try to talk to me about her problems and I told her I can’t do this because I have feelings for her and I can’t be friends because me doing so id just want to give my all to her and it hurts me seeing what she’s going thru. Its been about 3 months since I told her that, and every couple days she’s calling saying she misses me or call and talk about her problems which is always why do guys play her! She knows I am a good man and I don’t get why she don’t want me but instead settle for bum guys. So now I am at this point where I don’t know what to do or say when she calls, is it right for me to tell her the truth about the guys she gets with how they only want one thing from her and that’s it, or bring out the black side of me and tell her don’t call me with her problems anymore? I can’t stand to see her hurt like this. I’m confused please help?!?!

Listen to Shirley, Nephew Tommy, and celebrity guest host Jaheim respond to the letter below:

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