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Strawberry Letter: Can’t Find A Way to Cut the String

Hi Steve and Shirley,

I’m going to get straight to the point. I am sleeping with a married man. A little back ground over ten years ago a met this man while I was in college. We hit it off good we were more than friends but never defined our relationship. I left to come back home we keep in touch cause we did consider each other as some one that we really wanted in each others lives. I ended up getting married. We still kept in contact. Fast forward three years ago me and my husband separated. My old friend started opening up about how he felt about me and i feel for him hard, cause i felt the same. After my divorce we started meeting up because we do not stay in the same town. I was thinking about trying to make a long distance relationship work and really go all in. And then one night i decided to check records regarding if he was married or not. I remember it being mention some years back but i was told that it never happen. Well it did after finding this information out I was crushed He had kept this from me for over six years. It made me question if we really was friends or not. if he had of told me from the beginning i don’t think I would be sleeping with him know, but my feelings was to deep. I was thinking that i could make something of this flame. I did address the issue with him and even tried to walk away. He told me he didn’t want to tell me cause he knew I wouldn’t be down for it and he really wanted me in his life. But after a month or two, He pulled me back in with sweet nothings of he really need me, he loves, and how our relationship is special if i want to admit or not. I have ask him to think about what we are doing, would he be ready for the consequences. He never gives me an answer. And for some reason we can’t seem to let go of each other, well at least i can’t find a way to cut my string from him. Please what can i do to get out of this situation and can we still be friends without being lovers.

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