Strawberry Letter: Don’t Regret Taking Those Pictures

Hi Morning Crew!

A few years ago I took professional provocative photos for my boyfriend (now fiancée). I was planning on having a collage made and framed for him to put in our bedroom. We got into a huge fight and I never had the collage made, or gave him the pictures. I did have the unedited pictures. They came out really nice. I was in a nightee but they are not X Rated, all of the girl parts are completely covered. I did show some people (all females) the pictures. Everyone said they were nice, I looked good in the shots. I eventually told him about the pictures and that we had started fighting so that’s why he didn’t get them. So he knew about them just never saw them.

Well now it is 3 years later and some how the pictures are being circulated. Someone (he won’t tell me who. Not even if it was a guy or girl) sent my now fiancée the pics saying I gave them to some guy and he’s passing them around. He is mad at me because he believes I took them for another man. I truly don’t know where they came from. My only guess is off of the photographers website. He knows the pictures are old because I’ve had a baby since then and gained weight but he’s still pissed. We have had issues previously with his “friends” spreading lies about both he and I. I told him I should be first in his life and he should believe me. (Especially with the wedding 1 month away) 2 months ago his ex was circulating pictures of him sleeping in her bed saying the picture had been taken recently.She still claims she is still sleeping with him and it won’t stop after we are married. He told me it was an old pic and wanted me to believe him. (Which I did) Now he’s sending me the pictures with captions saying “Isn’t she sexy? Me and all the guys think so” “The guys think this is the best” I am tired of it and hurt that he would treat me like this. Why is he treating me like a random chick, when he claims he loves me and wants to spend the rest of his life with me?

I’m not embarrassed about the pictures, if someone is that pathetic to dig them up, some people need to keep stuff going, I’m just hurt by him. (BTW- I showed my mother and God mother the pictures, when I had taken them, and trust me if they were nasty or trashy in any way they would have kicked my 32-year-old butt. They both liked them. Said they were beautiful nicely done. My mom said I reminded her of herself at that age.)

Listen to Steve and Shirley respond to this letter below:


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