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Strawberry Letter: Stuck In The Middle

Dear Steve and Shirley,

I am a 29-year-old single mother of a wonderful eight-year-old girl. I am writing this letter for advice. I am the middle child of three girls. My mom and my sisters expect me to be not only the bread-winner, advice giver, baby sitter, mom sitter, and miss money bags all in one. My family uses me. Seriously, my mom needs to know at all times what’s going in and out my household financially so she can beg me. My sisters and mother can’t get along so I’m always stretched out like Stretch Armstrong. I must say, even though I am a single mother I try to hold my own. I have had a rough couple of years. I was in a bad car accident with my mom, broke my ankle and leg in three places while trying to get to my sister. I had two operations on my leg and lost my job because of my severe stress and depression. I am just so tired of my family depending on me for everything. I have my own household to take care of – it’s me and my daughter. I have tried stepping away and turning off my phone but then I feel bad. My mom is sickly and a shut in and doesn’t leave her home; my younger sister lives with her and will ignore her needs and wants and is very selfish; and my eldest sister has her own family. I just want peace in my life. I am tired of the fighting. I am tired of these people using me. I just want a normal, happy life. Because I am unemployed, I have been looking into finding jobs in different states. Am I wrong for running away from my family? Should I try to be the good sister and daughter and continue to help them or should I leave?

Listen to Shirley and Steve respond to this letter below:

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