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Strawberry Letter: Using Tax Money For The Wrong Purpose

Hello Steve and Shirley,

I don’t know where to begin. Ever since I can remember my now 36-year-old sister has always put a man before everyone and everything including her high school education. But recently her actions and poor decision-making abilities has really taken a toll on our family especially our parents. Two years ago she had a “relationship” with a married man who resulted in a child. Of course, he wanted nothing to do with her but she thought by having this child would make him want her even to the point she would give him money, not her money my mother would give her. He tried to be in the child’s life and she didn’t want that because he didn’t want her. So he completely left her alone and she moved on to the next man, who she immediately allowed in the child’s life and tried to assign him the role of daddy to her child. Within two months into this relationship she was so conveniently pregnant again. Within two more months this guy goes to jail because he had a dispute with his other child’s mother’s boyfriend, but told my sister it was about money. While in jail he gave her the jailhouse sweet nothings while the whole time he was making amends with the first child’s mother. So what would any sensible woman do in this situation; well, she used her tax money to bail him out. And what does he do when he gets out; go back to the other woman.

A couple of months later she gives birth to another child which is within 18 months of her first. This guy is also not involved, oh, but he calls all the time to get money from her all the while not providing for this child either. So to add fuel to the fire within eight months of the second child she gets pregnant from a man she met on the Internet. Leaving the responsibility to my younger sister she left her six month old and two-year old to watch while she went to see this man after only knowing him for one month. Then she decides to move to another state with this man and gives him all her tax money to find a home. He sends her home, takes her money and conveniently goes missing. So now she has two kids with one on the way – has been pregnant for basically three years, depends on my parents to pay all her bills and our little sister has given up her youth to take care of older sister kids. My sister dropped out of high school so she has no true means of supporting these kids, refuse to hold these men responsible and even now my father is disgusted and my mom is at her wit’s end and my father may leave once he finds out about this new baby.

Steve, I gave her your book and it seems she uses it as a paper weight. Please offer her some guidance because I am tired of wasting my breath for someone who thinks they “have it all together” but can never figure it out.


Taxed out!

Listen to Shirley and Steve respond to this letter below:


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