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Strawberry Letter: Intimacy Crisis

Dear Shirley and Steve,

I am having intimacy issues with my boyfriend. We have been together for a year but he seems to be a very good guy when it comes to care for me. He gives me attention, he’s caring and respectful. I did not like him when we first started dating and I told him he had 90 days probation to convince me before sex. He did well on that; we had a few dinners, went to the movies and other social events. He was allowed to give me a kiss. When we finally decided to have sex after the probation period, I was disappointed because he did not stand strong for long.

He said to be patient and that it is because of his asthma that he was scared to lose his breath. Anyway, as we continue to get more and more into sex, I realized that this was becoming frequent habits. Some days sex is ok but it is not enough. I like to put a lot of flavor and surprises during my time with my boo, but he is always scared when I show him new positions. We have started talking about marriage and I am concerned because I do not want to cheat on him one day. He is going to Africa for a month and I told him to ask for the GOURO village somewhere in IVORY COAST, because there, they have branches of sticks he can chew on and swallow the juice. I heard it is a strong medicine for men to stand strong for a long time. When he comes back, he better be ready to perform because I will be very mad if this happens again.

Dear Steve and Shirley, do you think a marriage will work if a woman has everything with a man, except good sex?

Listen to Steve respond to this letter below:


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