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Strawberry Letter: I Love Him And His Father

Dear Steve Harvey Morning Show,

I found myself in a situation that I am not sure how to get out of. Let me give you a little history. I am in my 30’s and I am a divorced mother of five that was single for six years before getting involved with this man. He is a preacher of the church I attend which also happens to be where his ex-wife also attends, with her current husband of at least five years. I began a relationship with him two years ago and at first we did everything together, mainly at my expense.

We conceived a baby about a year into the relationship and later lost it to a miscarriage. After that we began to see each other only in my home. We stopped going places totally, but he stayed over every night (literally). During this time I never met his family, besides his dad who attends the church. Also we never acknowledged each other at church besides “hi” and “bye.” I could not understand why but he said it was because he didn’t want anyone in his business. I accepted that at first because the relationship was new. But after a year I got suspicious. After two years, I knew I was not being treated right. Being a faithful listener to your show, I knew I was getting played.

In the meantime, I developed a great love for his father. I always cook for him and he in turn has developed a relationship with my kids. They love and adore him as a grandfather. I figured out that the reason why my “friend” didn’t want our relationship to go public is because he still wants his ex, although he will not admit this. I’ve left him alone but there’s still the father.

How do I or do I end the relationship with the father or allow my children to continue to see him?

Listen to Shirley, Nephew Tommy and guest host Earthquake respond to this letter below:


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