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Strawberry Letter: How Long Should I Wait?

I have been seeing a guy for about two months now, and he says he likes me but his actions are a little shady. He does have a busy schedule (police officer, barber, band instructor, plays in a band and for his church).

He is very involved with his family and has three kids so every other weekend he is with them. So this limits the time we had to get to know each other. When we do see each other most of the time it is in group settings or late night. We both have expressed an interest in each other. I pulled away when we met previously before the on-going two months because of his busy schedule.

My question is he is telling me to be patient and that it will not always be like this but how long should I wait? I feel that if he is really interested he would make the time to spend quality time with me without his friends. We have had one date – it was at home. I cooked, the time was limited and I felt rushed.

Listen to Steve and Shirley’s response:


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