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Strawberry Letter: My Daughter Is In Love With A Loser

Dear Shirley and Steve,

I’m a single mom. I have a 22 year old daughter who is my only child. While my daughter was growing up she never gave me any problems. She was a good girl & a good student. She’s beautiful and had lots and lots of potential. She graduated high school with honors. She was attending college and met a loser. She was working but recently lost her job. Her boyfriend does not work. They have been together 2 and a half years and she got pregnant. She lost her job and moved back home.

She and her boyfriend were living together but I don’t like her boyfriend. He doesn’t work and he is trying to be a rapper. I let her come back home. She just had the baby on Christmas day. Her boyfriend doesn’t have a place to stay and she begged me to let him stay at the house to help her and the baby. She said if he can’t stay she’s gonna leave with the baby. Her boyfriend did say something disrespectful to me once but he did apologize. His family won’t let him stay with them for some reason. He said they treat him like the ‘black sheep’ of the family. She has no money or anywhere to go. Her boyfriend is waiting on some money to come in.

I’m paying my daughters car note and insurance and giving her money every week. She applied for county assistance but its not much and now she’s waiting for state disability. My money is limited but I do want to help my daughter with her new baby. Should I let him stay a few months until they get some money together to move out or should I tell her they have to go? This has been stressful for me because me and my daughter are not as close as we use to be before she met this guy. She’s changed a lot since she turned 21. I love my daughter and I want my grand baby to be in a safe, stable home.

What do you suggest I do?


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