Strawberry Letter: Lost In Paradise

Dear Steve and Shirley,

I am a 28-year-old heterosexual guy or so I thought in the Bahamas. It all started when my son died. I was a single parent trying to raise my son, but when he died in a car accident, my world was shattered. I could not eat or sleep and I did not even want to be in the house we lived in, so I stayed with my family members. All the while my friends and family were consoling me, but nothing they did was working. A very close friend came to visit and he brought one of his other friends over. Not really in the mood to see anyone, I reluctantly talked for a while. Well, that new friend kept popping up every so often, until he and I became close. We would talk for hours at a time. He even got me to move back to my house. A few weeks later, it seemed as if we were best friends. We did everything together. Then it happened. One evening, he kissed me. I did not know what to do or think. I was a little bit angry and upset because I knew this was wrong, but I let it happen. Since then, we were two peas in one pod. I was always against homosexuality, as I do have Christian values, but I think a part of me just wanted to feel accepted after my son died. I think I fell for this guy. The problem is, after about a year, he stopped calling, texting, etc. This is not like him. Now it is like he does not care. I noticed that his Facebook status changed from single to married. I have not heard from him or seen him since October 10th. What should I do? I am completely distraught again and desperately seeking advice.

Listen to Shirley and Steve respond to this letter below:


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