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Strawberry Letter: Married To A Hussy

Dear Steve and Shirley,

Please help my god brother is married to a hussy and won’t leave her. She has locked him out of their home on several occasions while she has had male company. When he complains she puts him out and cuts up all his clothes. When he does move on she comes back and acts a fool, he can’t work because she will go to his job and act a fool and get him fired. He has come to our house with black eye, scratchy and bite marks and he still goes back. We have tried to talk to him and get counseling but he want. I thought he was done when he found his father and his wife in bed. He left but then went back. If he isn’t tired  then we are.  Mr. Harvey what can we say that would help him

Listen to Shirley Strawberry and Steve respond to this letter below:


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