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Strawberry Letter: Defenseless Husband

Dear Steve & Shirley,

I am currently six months pregnant and I have an 18 month old and a 4-year-old. Of course, my emotions are like being on a roller coaster right now, but I feel so terrible when I take it out on my husband. I swear that I am right when I go off because I feel so stressed out. It always seems that I have to ask for things to be done, which I hate the most. Poor guy didn’t feel good the other day but I didn’t give two nickles. Hell, I can’t lay down when I’m not feeling good, I still have to tend to the kids. I love him so much and he seems to understand. He holds me at night when the coast seems clear (LOL) and asks, “Are you still mad at me?” Thank GOD he hasn’t walked out. He does try, I just feel bad that I go off like I do, but he could’ve totally avoided it. What advice could you give to my husband and to me to make it up to him through these hard times of my emotional roller coasters?

Thank you in advance.

Listen to Shirley and Steve Harvey respond to this letter below:


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