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Strawberry Letter: 3 Way Relationship

Dear Steve and Shirley,

I’m writing because I’ve found myself in a three-way relationship. Well, sort of. I met this guy last summer through mutual friends and we hit off. But before I go any further I must say we did agree we were going to be just friends with benefits. As time went on we started spending time together, attending each others family events, even spending a weekend with our two boys who happen to be the same age. Things were going ok for the last 5 and a half months but I still felt there was more than meets the eye. He apparently had a girlfriend that lives in another state while carrying on here with me (which he failed to mentioned). Now, don’t get me wrong, I know of the woman but not to the extent once the truth came out. It all came out on Christmas! After speaking with the other woman (as she requested) she told him she would take him back but only if he cut all ties with me. But the issue with that is he and I are going into business together and have started to take steps to get things going. The back and forth for the last a couple days and she ended up in the hospital after calling a crisis hotline. Which to me was a bit extreme but I might sound like a hater but, hey, I’m human. He apologized to both of us for lying but decided to work things out with her, but she still had & has her ultimatum but he has said if she was unable to accept our business relationship they could not be together because he’s not choosing love over success!? His car ended up being taken and I was the main one helping him get it out. With that said, we have stopped sleeping together as I told him I would respect his decision to be with her and we can continue with our business plans. But I’m wondering if I’m making the wrong decision by having a business relationship with this person. All the lying aside he is a decent person but I can’t help remind myself that he lied to you too … what am I doing or what should I be doing about this? This is not how I wanted to start off my 2013 but here I am in another mess. I guess I need to re-read your book again cause clearly nothing registered because I fell for the okie doke. I know this is a test and at some point God will reveal to me why but for now I’m asking the experts for assistance. Cant wait to hear the radio response!


Lost in the SF Bay

Listen to Shirley Strawberry and Steve Harvey respond to this letter:


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